San Francisco

With a strong love for this dance, the eclectic group of women who make up the Dholrhythms Dance Troupe have become one of the most talked about dance troupes in San Francisco Bay Area. The raw energy & passion which drives this group has helped create a demand for this dance featuring them on some of the largest stages in San Francisco. Led by Vicki Virk's Punjabi heritage, Dholrhythms concentrates on highlighting the ancestral and ethnic roots of the Punjabi dance forms while pushing boundaries with a contemporary style. The result is fresh and unique performances full of fun, energy, and passion. Check them out on www.youtube.com/dholrhythms.

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::::::::::JIMMY LOVE LITTLE::::::::::
San Francisco
Style: Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Classic Bhangra
NSB Founder DJ Jimmy Love is pretty desi for a white guy. From holding his own at an Indian wedding to holding a non-stop monthly in San Francisco, his pure love and experience playing all styles of music has led him to grow out the musical blend of the NSB experience. A true lover of funky beats, Jimmy Love's remixes have been featured everywhere from the BBC Asian Network to the NY's finest, The Rub 's Remix wall. Jimmy is also a resident of Surya Dub, which won best club night 2007. Outside of NSB, you will find Jimmy mixing along side top DJ's of almost any style of music. Jimmy has been rocking out the SF Scene with his unique blend of world and hip-hop, mixes for years and hopes to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western dance floors all over the world. In addition, Jimmy is a graphic designer as well as a painter whose art has shown alongside some of the most exciting and emerging artists in San Francisco.

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San Francisco
NSB Dholi & DJ
Style: Hip- Hop, R&B, and Classic Bhangra

While being a lover of many types of music, Rav-E is naturally drawn towards Bhangra, the folk music of his homeland Punjab. He can mix Hip-Hop, R&B, and House music on the fly, but cannot deny his true infatuation with the rich dhol driven and tumbi infused beats of Bhangra. Along with mixing it up on the decks, Rav-E is also an exceptional talent on the dhol having studied with the great Bay Area legend, Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti. Ravi has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in Bhangra such as Bickram Singh, Dr. Zeus, Bobby Friction, and Juggy D. This DJ/Dhol Player is sticking close to his roots with the goal of further facilitating Bhangra’s transcendence across musical and cultural barriers. As one of the youngest members of Non Stop Bhangra, Rav-E strives to bridge the gap by introducing the genre to new ears with hopes of taking it to a whole new internationally acclaimed level of recognition.

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::::::::::MANDEEP SETHI:::::::::
San Francisco, Los Angeles
Style: Hip- Hop and Classic Bhangra

Mandeep Sethi is a driven an charged emcee from Los Angeles, now hailing, living in and going to school in San Francisco. Representing the Universal Zulu Nation-All Tribes chapter Mandeep Sethi is a young emcee now living in and taking over San Francisco. Mandeep has performed alongside and shared the stage with: Dilated Peoples, Camp Lo, Pac Division Mickey Fact, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Aesop& Bicasso (Living Legends), MURS (Living Legends/Felt), Kev Choice Ensemble, among many others. He's also a member of the San Francisco funk jazz dub punjabi band "Blackmahal", with world renowned dhol player Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti. Using Hip-Hop as a form of retaliation and resistance against capitalist and imperialist oppression, Mandeep's primary focus is to educate the youth about the circumstances in which we are living in and resonate ancient culture within them, revealing the gods in all of us. From rhyming, to dj-ing, music serves as the language translating beats & words into scripts & hymns. Mandeep is an alien from another planet but carries around a boombox.

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::::::::::DJ COLLAGE A.K.A MR. CHATMAN:::::::::
Seattle, San Francisco
Style: Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Hip-Hop
Since early 2002, the raggamuffin voice of Mr. Chatman has been a rising sound within the global music community worldwide. His vocal performances have been featured on top releases by artists such as: Dehli2Dublin, Ghislain Poirier, Machinedrum, Filastine, & several others. And as a live performer, he has performed alongside many top names in the reggae world such as: Yellowman, Collie Buddz, Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor and many more. With his recording collaborations and performances, he has been able to bridge the sounds of reggae dancehall to various forms of music such as Dubstep, Electronica, Hip-Hop & Bhangra. In addition to jamming with Non Stop Bhangra, Mr. Chatman can also be found found performing at sessions such as San Francisco’s monthly events- Dub Mission, Grime City and his Seattle based Monday night reggae party-Jam Jam.
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::::::::::DJ Concerned:::::::::
New York, San Francisco
Style: Funk, Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Bhangra

Intent on defending the blend, DJ Concerned navigates the waters where Funk, Soul, Reggae, Bhangra, Latin, Afro-beat and Hip-Hop intersect. His versatility makes him the rare DJ recruited by live bands of all genres. Concerned is trusted to set the vibe for any audience, customized to the style of the particular band. In 2006 he released his first commercially available mix CD Talkin’ Loud But Sayin’ Something! which Turntable Lab determined to be among the Top 20 CDs of 2006. Concerned has been a guest alongside DJ Rekha at the famous “Basement Bhangra” in NYC. He has made repeat appearances as a NSB guest alongside Jimmy Love and is now the newest member of this eclectic collective. He has also been a regular guest at the “Afrolicious” series featuring DJ Senor Oz & Pleasuremaker. Over the years, DJ Concerned has opened for The Pimps of Joytime, The Hot 8 Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble, Meta & The Cornerstones and Yah Supreme & Brohemian. His radio appearances include WBAI’s Underground Railroad (NYC), WWOZ (New Orleans), KOTO (Telluride, CO). Beyond spinning for the people’s delight in New York and San Francisco, DJ Concerned has also played in New Orleans, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

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::::::::::BRYAN DEAN:::::::::
San Francisco
NSB Bass

Bryan Dean a.k.a. Dark Kent has been holding down the low end for a diverse range of Bay Area musical projects since the mid 1990's. Most recently as the bassist for the heavy hitting group, A BAND CALLED PAIN, voted best metal band in the 2008 S.F. Bay Guadian readers poll. His bands have shared the stage with a number of internationally known acts - Smashing Pumpkins, Living Colour, De La Soul and Patti La Belle to name a few. Bryan has also been privileged to learn from stellar band mates. Topping the list are - Errol Cooney (guitarist w/Stevie Wonder) Bob Crawford (former Spearhead keyboardist) and EENOR ( past guitarist w/Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade). For Bryan, music and art is all about connection and expression and from Metal to Bhangra, he loves it all. He also puts this philosophy into practice off the stage, serving as a mentor for Each One Reach One, an organization that diverts incarcerated youth from a life in prison to become productive community members through mentor-based performing arts and academic tutoring programs.

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Vancouver, BC

Style: Hip-Hop, Reggae, beatboxing,
Rup has a deep love for music in the moment of the movement. With pulsating live looping, beatboxing, rhythmic rhymes and an arsenal of eclectic instruments from around the world, he delivers an engaging, passionate and inspiring musical experience. Alongside his love of rhythm and rhyme, Rup is a music producer and composer of many genres. As a multi-instrumentalist; he plays with Vancouver projects BPM, Broken Parts, and Supna. He has shared the stage with Chebb I Sabbah, Michael Franti, K-OS, and Tanya Tagaq Gillis to name a few. Rup is also a community art’s facilitator; he teaches percussion and hip hop at the Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach, a free music school for inner city youth. He also founded his own initiative, Metaphor bringing hip hop performances and empowerment workshops into youth detention centers and rural communities.

::::::::::MARCUS MURRAY:::::::::
San Francisco
NSB Painter
Marcus Murray is a native Bay Area artist who creates an eye drooling, and illustrative new painting every month. Marcus has dabbled in different mediums and media from fine arts to computer graphics. The music-welded illustrations exhibit influences of science, historical discoveries, other worlds, important issues, and influential people. His style often uses lots of movement, story telling, details, and symbolism. Marcus spreads his talents in various forms such as t-shirts, posters, and murals. Every month at NSB, you can find him upstairs drowning canvases with his fascinations. Check out his works at www.acknowledgedesign.org.

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San Francisco
Producer and resident of the Bay Area’s Global Gypsy night ELECTRIC VARDO, Amar regularly performs at SFs hottest venues including Club Six, DNA Lounge, 1015 Folsom, Temple, 111 Minna, Mighty, El Rio, Elbo Room plus other ongoing and special events & festivals in CA, Oregon, Hawaii, Canada & beyond. As a DJ and promoter, he has collaborated and shared the stage with some of the Bay Area's most innovative musicians, dj's and dance troupes including DJ Dragonfly, DJ Sep, Dr. Israel, Cheb i Sabbah, Ultra Gypsy, Lorin/Bassnectar, Nitin Sawhney, Nader, Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, State of Bengal, Glitch Mob and others. From running his own events to doing visuals for others, he is the glue of the San Francisco World Music Scene and is a part of all the major local crews including Nonstop Bhangra, Surya Dub, Worldly, Opel, Dance Jam, Triple Power, & Groove Garden. He brings color and movement to every screen, mixing ethnic beauty inside a modern fixture.
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::::::::::SHALU KUMAR:::::::::
NSB Photographer
Shalu is the NSB Photographer, capturing all elements of the night from the best angle, resulting in the fabulous NSB Gallery. In addition, she's the glue that keeps NSB together helping the entire collective in every area of the night from promotion, to set up, to taking care of all those "must get done" things that no one else can handle. Supporting her camera around her neck, you'll find her in every nook and cranny of the Rickshaw Stop from the stage, on top of the speakers, to right in the middle of the bouncy dance floor getting her groove on.


Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver, BC)
Aesop (Living Legends)

Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti
Dave Sharmaji
(Sub Sawara, NYC)

Jimmy Singh (Bhangratheque, Chicago)
Sandeep Kumar (Los Angeles)

(Om Records)

DJ Sep
( Dubmission)

Signia (Vancouver, BC)
Maneesh The Twister
(Suryadub, Dhamaal)
DJ HMD (Vancouver,BC)
Mandip (Dutty Chutney, Philadelphia)
Navdeep (Anamika Records)

Vanka (Misturada)

(Umoja Soundsystems/Voltage Music)

Lady Ra & Tarun
(Beats Without Borders, Vancouver, BC)

Janaka Selekta
(Wordly, Dhamaal)
Cheb i Sabbah
(Six Degrees)


Kush Arora
(Live Dub-Bhangra)

Anjali & The Incredible Kid


(BlackMahal/Project Ahimsa)

(Soul Afrique)

(Urban Umpires)

DJ Amar
(Electric Vardo)

Dj Suresh

Tom Thump
(Loose Joints)

(Bumpin' Uglies)

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