One of the most inspiring
Decade in Music: 10 years on the Bay Area Dance Floor
The Best of The Bay Issue, SF Bay Guardian, Dec. 2009

Independent Artist Award for Making a Global Impact
Indpendent Artists Week, Sept. 2009!

* Voted as one of 250 Things to do in SF before you Die!
7x7 Magazine- Jun. 2009

Best Bollywood Hotspot
Best of SF Nightlife- 7x7 Magazine, Jun. 2009

*Voted Best of 2008 Niche Dance Parties
"The Best, 08 Issue"- San Francisco Magazine, 2008

*Voted Runners up: Best Dance Company (Dholrhythms);
Best DJ (Jimmy Love); Best Party Producers (Non Stop Bhangra)
- Best of Bay Issue, SF Bay Guardian, 2008!

*Winner of 2007 Goldie(Guardian’s Outstanding Local Discovery Award)
- SF Bay Guardian, 2007!

*Voted Top 20 Favorite far-out dance floor destinations
- SF Bay Guardian, 2006!

*Voted Top 5 Global Events
- SF Bay Guardian, 2005!

IN THE PRESS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Top 5 Things to do in SF Bay Area
The New York Times, Feb. 2010

Bhangra in the Bay—Short Feature on NSB/Dholrhythms
Crosscurrents Radio Show, KALW, Jan. 2010

NSB Featured in India Currents Magazine, Dec. 2009

Bhangra in the Bay—Short Feature on Non Stop Bhangra
Aired on Chabot College TV, KCTH-Channel 27, Oct. 2009

Bhangra Comes to The Mission
Mission Loc@l, May, 2009

Dhol Di Awaz-Story on Bhangra
Spark TV Show, KQED SF, Apr. 2009

NSB Featured on SF Station TV, Mar. 2009

Short Story on Vicki Virk, Project on Immigration
U.C Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Produced by Majo Calderon, April 2009!

NSB included in a feature on Bhangra
Conscious Dancer Magazine, Nov. 2008!

"Lets Bhangra" --Vicki Virk chats with Michael Krasny about Bhangra and its influence on the local dance scene. Listen to the interview.

“Global grooves rarely taste as good as what you will find at Non Stop Bhangra. A night unlike any other & A treat for the eyes and ears, NSB will take your body and soul to whole new realms.”

“Didn't those festivities in "Monsoon Wedding" seem like the best party in the world? Attending the recent "Nonstop Bhangra" at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop felt as if you'd been invited to just such a celebration.”

“What’s bringing urban club kids and middle-aged Indian immigrants together onto sweaty dance floors, gleefully stomping their feet and raising their arms in unison? At the aptly named Nonstop Bhangra party at San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop, DJs alternate classic with cutting-edge tracks, while guest musicians join in on the dhol drums and other classic Indian instruments. There, 20-something indie rockers learn traditional dance moves and play air sitar alongside die-hards from the South Bay nostalgic for home.”

“NonStop Bhangra delivers the whole Punjabi enchilada to the heart of mini-mono scensterdom, Rickshaw Stop. Professional dance performances, lessons for beginners, live painting and drumming, superduper psychedelic visuals, and the fabulous, mini-multicultural sight of people shaking their bangles in glee — what's better?”

"Border-Boundless Night"; an amazing option for those looking to mix their dance with a cocktail and actually learn something in the process"

"Catch the celebratory spirit of NonStop Bhangra. Originally a lively dance of Punjabi farmers celebrating the harvest, the vigorous drum-driven dance is now accented by jingling jewelery and face-swallowing smiles."

“Over the course of the past three years, the monthly Non-Stop Bhangra club night has drawn to the Rickshaw Stop's dance floor hundreds of often barefoot revelers eager to lose themselves in the rum-tum-tum of the deep dhol drums, the rippling chimta claps, and the spiky electronic accouterments that make up the unique and funky, Punjabi-by-way-of-London Bhangra sound.”

YELP REVIEWS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Some of our favorite reviews courtesy of yelp!

“A great great time, and definitely one of the best and most unique in SFC.”

“Best dancing ever, and you don't even have to know the music.”

“Nonstop, booty-shaking, hip swaying fun!”

“Even wallflowers like me come peeling off the sides and bouncing into the middle of the floor.”

“There's no pretention going on here, just pure unadulterated dancing and fun”

“I dare you to check out NSB if you haven't already. And be sure to show up early enough for the dance lesson. Life is too short not to experience this kind of joy.”

“The thing I find most cool about this event is its welcoming, unpretentious air and super diverse crowd.”

“I *know* I'm going to have a good time when I go. The only other sure happiness bet I know in the bay area is the sea otter tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and that's too far to drive on a regular basis.”

“I had an amazing time. I don't think I've ever stayed at the Rickshaw for so long before. The music rocks and absolutely everyone dances! The whole place is bangin. “

“Love the friendly, high energy vibe here. It's just a fun, good time.”

“The DJs are great. The music is infectious. if Vicki doesn't make you smile and dare to make a fool of yourself during the dance lesson, then there just might be something wrong with you. Like you need to loosen up, or go rediscover your inner child.”

“Non-Stop Bhangra is a big, hot melting pot.
Ingredients: Punjabis, Asians, Blacks, Caucasians, Latinos, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Mashups, Bollywood videos, Dhol drumming, Dance performances, Dance lesson, Saris, Jeans, Sweat, Bliss. Directions: Add heat, mix, and enjoy.”

“Five stars all the way. Music here is so groovy it will get you up and dancing whether or not you have a buzz. The crowd here is very diverse and everyone seems to come here for only one thing, to have a really good time.”

“I am convinced that this is the best way to dance the night away, drunk or not.”

“I have never, ever in my whole entire life had so much fun at a club!”

“If you love to have a great time in a cultural context and whether or not you have any sense of rhythm, I highly suggest you experience Nonstop Bhangra.”

"Everyone who goes, regardless of age, gender, race, creed, weight, or rhythm, lets go of themselves completely, and becomes but a drip of perspiration in this sweltering, steamy sweatbox of a nightclub. It's a pretty sweet experience."

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