LL Cool Singh - The Return?

So I stumbled across this article today and got excited. I have not heard anything from him in ages, and upon his return he is now going by his real name Jas Dhingra. For many people just getting into Bhangra this means little, but for me he was def someone I spent serious time tracking down any copies I could find of his mixes and instrumentals.

The article was written in January, so I assume the release date is somewhere lost on IST (Indian Standard Time) as there is no real information other then a trailer on the labels website. The label is called 4Play Recordings which started in 2003, and host a couple other artists I know, Omnious DJ's being the other larger act of note.

If you are looking for some of his older albums you can pick them up here, though I do warn you the last thing I got through this site took ages to arrive (IST)...

Store With Albums

To read more information on LL Cool Sing...sorry, Jas Dhingra

Jas Dhingra Official Website

LL Cool Singh MySpace

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