Bhangra Goes Global

One of the energies behind NSB is our belief that music is a gift to mankind and can break all cultural boundaries and bring people together in the most amazing ways. It doesn’t matter where you were born, where you live, what music you listen to, or how you dance, the energy that creates music and dance is Universal. Its common to us all regardless of the different ways it comes alive. Bhangra is one such energy whose joyful beats and beautiful rhythm always makes people smile and share something in unison.

This month we got to witness this joy once again in another incredible experience. We were invited to teach and perform at the WFDF 2008 Worlds Ultimate & Guts Championships. Who knew the sport of Frisbee was that big? 2000+ athletes, from 20 different countries all gathered in Vancouver, BC to compete in 100’s of games held at the University of British Columbia, Thunderbird Stadium. We were invited to teach and perform at the opening and closing ceremonies. What an incredible experience! At the opening ceremony, 4000+people in the audience from all over the world joined in to share the beautiful energy of Bhangra.

We wanted to share some pics and videoclips of the amazing experience as we celebrate our continued efforts to share the Bhangra spirit with the masses.

Check out PHOTOS from the ceremony.
Check out some video footage:

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