NSB welcomed back Delhi 2 Dublin from Vancouver, Canada for the second time this year. After a sold out show in March for St. Patricks Day, we were thrilled to have them back in the house. Like the first time, It was a sold out night, with line around the block. They rocked the house one more time. Dj Collage was in the house tearing up the stage alongside D2D. Mandeep Sethi, NSB Resident Emcee, threw down some rhymes of his own when he joined the crew.
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We all had an amazing night, another unique experience to remember. And as always, one of our favorite moments of the night was when we asked how many people are here for the first time. We always begin NSB with this ritual. its always pleasantly astounding to see how many people raise their hands each time. The best part is finding out that most people heard about it through their friends, through word of mouth. That is the best way for this community to grow.

And as every month, one of the other traditions is taking one last shot, which we call the “The Last Man Standing”. Every month the crew takes a photograph at the end of the night to celebrate, rejoice, remember, laugh, and create one more memory that gets etched in our mind.

NSB#39, One More Down!

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Tspoon said...

so much fun...
can't wait to rock out again!!!