NSB Interview: Luv (Signia)

Luv (Signia)

Jimmy Love recently caught up with "Luv" from Vancouver based Bhangra act Signia to hear how things are going, and find out a little more about this months special guest...and NSB family member from afar.

We are really excited as always to have you down to NSB from Vancouver, and see the continual growth and world of a seriously awesome person and vocalist. We have a few questions we would love to share with our crowd and the greater Bhangra world that reads our website.

When do you first get into singing Bhangra, and what was the catalyst that propelled you to say I want to be a singer?

Well it was because my parents said I was not allowed to sing at home anymore...lol….Just joking !!! It was in Oct 2/1982 when I saw Amitabh Bachchan perform…really that is when I said I wanted to sing and entertain the masses !!! Bhangra is in my blood!!!! I was around the tender ripe age of 7 when I started singing but professionally hmmm, 22 and there is no stopping me now!!!

We had you down a few years back for our anniversary as part of Singia, but what has "Luv" been up to since then and where is it going?

Well it has been a great journey and what a show NSB put on the last time I was there. Signia is still around, my partner in Signia (San-j) is doing a lot of work in his new band Delhi 2 Dublin and that is awesome I am soo proud of the work those guys do!!! They are Awesome !!! As for myself currently on a tour … been touring with RDB, H-Dhami, Manak-E,Indy Sagu , A-Slam, Sunny Brown Lomatic and Baba Khan. I have recorded a couple of tracks for a film in Mumbai which should be coming out this Feb 2010 and my album ….will be out this Spring 2010. Josh/ RDB / Nick Chowlia will be co producing the tracks with me …..It is a lot of great things happening in my life right now ! You will all get to see that on my next album !!!

You recently did a tour with RDB as a vocalist, what was one highlight from that tour, and what was one learning experience from being on the road with an act with a serious history in the Bhangra scene?

What a great question…The whole experience was awesome…looking at the way these guys (the whole tour that is…all the artists) entertain is unbelievable!! As an artist you must grow and keep on learning. The best thing…is that I got to learn from the best !! Entertaining is not just singing but playing to the crowd!!!!

Highlight of the tour was the meet and greet with the fans …I loved taking pictures and signing autographs because the fans are what it is all about …as well we played soccer in T.O…with me H-Dhami/ RDB and Indy Sagu…that was such a laugh !!!

Last, you have experienced NSB before, share a glimpse from the outside looking in for our viewers on how you view this event and how it fits into the Bhangra scene in North America...

NSB (NON STOP BHANGRA) is the blood, sweat, tears of all the organizers - to showcase music, talent and artists from around the world !!

When I hear about the Bay area I feel and think NSB!!! Reason why is that, NSB, are there promoting Bhangra the right way by teaching the dance and the history behind the dance!

NSB fits in the Bhangra seen as a revolution in North America, as it brings all cultures and groups together to showcase a dance !! I wish more cities could do this …there is not enough of this going on in North America !!!!

NSB are doing a great SEVA or charity to the Bhangra and music scene…if you have not been to an event you are missing out on an extremely fun and good time …but before I g …if you are planning to come to an event …make sure you have your dancing shoes on !! Have a back up pair as well, because your soles will be worn out be the end of the night !!

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It's great to see Luv doing so well. Keep up the good work.